To hit on the
right election
is easy

We listen to our clients
and adapt to their needs.

We don't have a standarized work method, we adapt to each project.

Listening to concrete needs of a client is basically necessary to start a project. Also, it is very important to hit on the right advertising elements to reach the targets.

A range of services that meets all your company needs:

Visit our Portfolio to see some samples of our real works.

◼ Leaflet
◼ Catalogue
◼ Posters
◼ Screen printing
◼ Packaging
◼ Display stand
◼ Publicity board
◼ Labeling
◼ Displays
◼ Patient leaflet
◼ Photography
◼ Digital editing
◼ Web Design
◼ Web mantainance
◼ Digital launching
◼ Digital catalogues
◼ Corporate identity
◼ Logos
◼ Brand development
◼ Internal communications

We keep it for you

Our archives systems is an essential tool for those clients who use many references and range of products. We organize and keep every project efficiently for its later looking up or possible modification.

Agility. Quickness. Adaptability.

We can realize projects in a short period of time, as modify the necessary changes in order to reach perfect results.

Commitment to quality

All our printings follow
the regulations:

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 12647-2:2004

Very competitive prices

Our budgets are very competitive and the relationship quality-price is optimum.
A tight budget doesn't mean low quality, not for us.
In BJT, we have thought in the area of the liberal professional (self employed person), commercial and small enterprise in which each euro matters. Basic_BJT is a very good option for this kind of group that look for and need the best quality for the best possible price.Basic_BJT packs cover most of the common graphic needs.